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Tue Nov 22 14:51:09 GMT 2005

On November 22, 2005 09:41 am, Kiffin Gish wrote:
> I installed freeBSD 5.4 on a system with two hard disks, which I plan to
> use as a dedicated fileserver, and following the default sysinstall
> setup I have this:
> root at fileserver# df -h
> Filesystem     Size    Used   Avail Capacity  Mounted on
> /dev/ad0s1a    248M     35M    193M    15%    /
> devfs          1.0K    1.0K      0B   100%    /dev
> /dev/ad0s1e    248M     12K    228M     0%    /tmp
> /dev/ad0s1f     35G    573M     31G     2%    /usr
> /dev/ad0s1d    248M    1.4M    226M     1%    /var
> I have three questions:
> 1/ What's the best way to partition my second 20MB hard disk?
I'll assume you meant 20gb.  The best partition is the one that is the most 
useful for you.  I don't like having partitions above 100gb, and that's a 
personal preference.  I'd use the whole 20gb.  

> 2/ Should I dedicate the whole thing to one mount point, say
> called /extra?
If you do decide to use it all, you won't have a choice but to have one hard 
mount point.  Based on what my drives are used for, I will put it in 
different places.

Ex: my backup drive resides in /mnt/backup.  My public share drive resides 
in /usr/local/public_share.

Again, theses are not standards but what I'm most comfortable with.

> 3/ Do I also need swap space on the 2nd drive?
Not if you don't need it.

> Thanks alot in advance as usual.

No prob,
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