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simon butsana spbutsana at
Tue Nov 22 11:54:37 GMT 2005

  copy the tar ball somewhere, and decompress it using
  tar -xvzf filename.tar.gz
  Usually a directory with name <filename> will be created and you need to go there using
  cd <filename>
  There you usually find a file README or INSTALL with all necessary instructions. You can read the README or INSTALL file by typing 
  cat README | more   (or cat INSTALL|more)
  Basically the minimu set of instructions will be (after the cd <filename>)
  make install

Anirban Adhikary <anirban.adhikary at> a écrit :
  Hi guys,

This is ANIRBAN. I have question on How to install any application on FreeBSD from tar.gz source?

Hoping to received the answer soon.
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