Im trying to find the H and V sync rates for the LCD in

Tino Boss tino.boss.1 at
Tue Nov 22 11:47:59 GMT 2005

Eric Murphy wrote:

>>     Expect the problem is that if you dont know the H and V rates it 
>> wont generate them ;( 
If you put a modeline you tell the video chip exactly what to do. 
There's no H and V sync rates needed because they are implied*.
If you have a fixed resolution the only variable will be the clock which 
will determine the snync rates. Just take a reasonable value there.
As Ted pointed out TFT's shouldn't be too picky about sync rates; so 
don't worry too much and give it a go.

An easy alternative: boot up a Live-CD (Knoppix, Freesbie) with X and 
check the xorg log (probably in /var/log). There you can find some 
values that work.


* There may be needed an hsync/vsync entry in xorg.conf though. Just 
specify a range big enough.

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