Status of 6.0 for production systems

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>On 11/19/05 17:28 Ted Mittelstaedt said the following:
>> Absolute total rubbish.
>> Let's take one of these developing countries - China PRC - shall we?
>right, pick a country which has seen billions in investment
>flowing in over
>the last 5 years and use that as an example. shall we consider other
>countries such as those in africa and the greater part of Asia now ?

Touchy are we?  China may have billions of investment coming into
it now, but they got that way because they made some hard, difficult
choices.  Such as deciding to put a lid on their population
growth and learn how to do it without having a war every decade or
so.  Such as cracking down on government corruption.  Such as
cracking down on public health.  It's not China with an AIDS
epidemic right now.

And I'm not saying China is perfect - they steal every engineering
idea in existence and have no respect for the patent process -
but they know they want to be a player in the world, they know
that the world is driven by economics today not arms, and they
have resolved to win at the economic wars.

>the point of the matter is, mr mittelstaedt, is that you're
>worldview just does not jive with what happens in the rest of
>the world.

Wrong, it may not jive with what happens in a certain percentage
of the rest of the world comprised of a SUBSET of developing
countries - that is, a subset of the set of developing countries.

But of course, if you put all those qualifiers in to make your
statements actually truthful, it would diminish their impact greatly.

>what you suggest and propose is not possible


>and things here are just

Anything is possible if you make it important enough.

As I already have said, once the oil runs out, which is going to
happen in a blink of an eye in geological time, and in human history
solar energy will be the ONLY viable power source left - and the
tropics have the lions share of it.

Consider that the whole of RECORDED human history, is a much LONGER
time than even the most optimistic estimates of the length of time
left for fossil fuel resources.  Your great grandchildren (assuming you
have kids) will very likely have an exact date figured in their lifetime
that the fossil fuel resources will be dried up.  If you choose to
cop the attitude today that solar is impossible for your culture, and
give up on even trying to get it started now, then I guarentee that
when it's the only thing left, the rest of the world will be in your
country just like they are in Iraq today, and you will have lost any
chance you have of self-determination for your future.

I'd suggest you get cracking on building those photovoltiac manufacturing
facilities in your area, if you ever want to have a say in your future.
One day not very far in the future the world will be at your door
energy, and if you are still saying it's impossible then, well then
the world is going to just shove you aside and show you how to do it.


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