Question about ZFS support

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Mon Nov 21 20:15:45 GMT 2005

> Are you planning to include support for ZFS(link below) into FreeBSD in any
> future releases?
while i'm not FreeBSD coder i would ask question - how does it REALLY 
work - contrary to information.

i mean how it works in practice.

IMHO checksumming every data (not just metadata) is nonsense if it cannot 
be turned off. this makes every transfer not just I/O bound but CPU and 
memory transfer/cache bound too. while disk and memory bandwidth in todays 
machines are quite comparable (memory is faster but not THAT faster than 
linear disk I/O) it isn't just "a little thing".

built in compression isn't good idea IMHO - of course it doesn't hurt if 
it's optional. today disk space is rarely a problem, while huge files are 
often not much compressible.

by general description filesystem looks very nice.

thats theory - did anyone made a real test on real system?

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