several versions of gcc

Parv parv at
Mon Nov 21 19:49:07 GMT 2005

in message <437F0B25.4080108 at>, wrote Dinesh Nair
> On 11/19/05 13:30 Andrew Novikov said the following:
> >However I cannot have at the same time lang/gcc34 and lang/gcc40
> >(or any other two version from ports) because they both install
> >files in the same place somewhere in /usr/local/. Is there a way
> >to specify a different dir,
> that's going to be difficult unless you descend into the ports
> work directory and edit the install prefixes there.

Will that then not be same as specifying PREFIX|LOCALBASE in the
port's directory during patch|configure|build|install?

  - Parv


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