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Mon Nov 21 17:44:37 GMT 2005

On Mon, Nov 21, 2005 at 09:39:50AM -0500, myfreebsd at wrote:
> >I'd be pleased to use just one audio app  that does >everything:
> >	mp3, mp4/aacplus, realplay streams, or windows.  >What do I
> >	need to do to enable this?   Should I pkg_delete my >real/helix
> >	port?  Is having both realplay and >mplayer/mplayerplugin causing 
> >	the confusion?   Any ideas?
> Gary,
> mplayerplug-in does play real video up to version 9 I believe (may have changed recently). It is not very stable and will crash firefox if you try to leave the page the stream is playing in (including closing firefox). 

	So that's why firefox disappeared last night.  ... .

> I could not get realplayer plugin to work so I suffer through this limitation. To enable it, follow these steps

	I found the real=0/=1 tag in the mplayerplug-in.conf so I
	understand *that's* why mplayerplugin fires up after I've 
	tried to listen to a streaming Windoze site.  It seriously 
	torques me when mplayerplugin works only One time; then 
	it quits.  It switches to "Stop" and I'm left banging my
	head against the CRT :-|  

	It would be great if one audio player would play real, mp3,
	mp4, and xwa.... but somebody must be conspiring to drive 
	me even further over the edge---wait, too late, I've already
	gone over, waaaay over.

> 1. Either rm or rename /usr/X11R6/lib/browser_plugins/ and .xpt or
> edit the /etc/libmap.conf file and comment out the section about realplayer (this is what I have done)

	Ok, I never thought of touching libmap.conf.  It'd be simpler
	than mv'ing files....

> 2. edit /usr/X11R6/etc/mplayerplug-in.conf and change the line that says #enable-real=0 to 1.
> 3. Restart mozilla/firefox and real video will now play in mplayerplug-in.
> Hope this is what you were looking for. I don't think there is any other video plugin that will play all that. You might have a look at plugger.
	Thanks for your help.  I'm looking for either one app/plugin that
	will do "everything" or multiple plugins that will play different
	streams.  ....   Gotta print out your mail...


	PS to the list: if anybody eles has any input, please join in.

> David
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