Looking for freebsd/openbsd Open Source project for multi-WAN load-sharing/failover firewall/internet gateway

Joao Barros joao.barros at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 14:27:11 GMT 2005

Take a look at "m0n0wall on steroids": http://www.pfsense.com/

On 11/20/05, Sanjay Arora <sanjay.k.arora at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am looking for any open source project that can help me build &
> manage, preferably through a GUI, a multi WAN firewall gateway to the
> internet, with DMZ, load-sharing, traffic bifurcation on priority/port
> and auto-ISP failover on any WAN link with IDS/IPS, NAT & VPN features.
> I am not necessarily looking for a firewall distro...but various
> components that come together (on a minimal OS install) to build a GUI
> based firewall & internet gateway appliance, having the multiple WAN
> capability.
> I basically want a minimalist design, which is open source, free and
> offers the above features.
> Some examples are the IPcop, m0n0wall (plus multiple WAN links)
> Sonicwall, Watchguard, Fortigate etc., minus their additional
> applications like mail anti-virus, mail servers, web-servers (except for
> whatever is minimal need for GUI) etc.
> Hope someone can suggest a good solution.
> With regards.
> Sanjay.
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Joao Barros

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