Quick high availability load balancer for freebsd

Mark Jayson Alvarez jay2xra at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 21 03:06:23 GMT 2005

I need a quick tip on setting up a High availability
load balancer in freebsd.

Here is our current setup:

we have a cisco router, and a class B network. All of
those who acquired ipaddresses cannot pass through the
router if destined to port 80. The router only allow 3
ip addresses to browse the web. Those three machines
are the parent proxies. Now 2 other machines on the
same switch acts as high availability, load balancer.
It is currently running an old version of redhat,
heartbeat, and ldirector. The router doesn't enforce
all traffic destined to port 80 to go through the load
balancer first. some web clients uses the virtual ip
of the load balancer and thus being diverted to the
right proxy(not heavily loaded) while some, uses goes
directy to the parent proxies. On the setup I am
planning, this is not yet a concern.. I just have to
achieve the same setup in freebsd because those 2 load
balancers are old and retiring.

I'm looking at freevrrpd and pen at this site:

I need some more tips however. How will you compare
this setup to the Linux HA. Any link or quick guide
will be greatly appreciated.


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