FVWM menu and keyboard config transposition to KDE?

Louis LeBlanc FreeBSD at keyslapper.net
Mon Nov 21 02:35:36 GMT 2005

I know this is a strange question, but I'm a long time FVWM2 user (7+
years) and I've got a pretty extensive set of keyboard shortcuts and
menu setups.  Now, I'm starting to play with KDE (just for yuks,
really) and I've gotta wonder if there's a quick and dirty way to
transpose all my FVWM2 menus to the menu popping up on the Home icon
when I hit the menu key.

Anyone else ever made this move?  I think I like some of what I'm
seeing, but I'm not sure I want to relearn my whole UI just yet.  I'd
probably be more likely to just update the backgrounds and look for
some new window candy for FVWM before I learn a new UI.

BTW, If I go back to FVWM, is there anything saying I can't use
Konqueror?  And I wonder if there are extensions for it like those
available for Firefox?

Thanks in advance.

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