wireless pc card

Robert Fitzpatrick lists at webtent.net
Sun Nov 20 22:39:29 GMT 2005

I am trying FreeBSD 6.0 on my laptop since reading of wireless
capabilities. I have a D-Link DWL-AG650 card and see the card below in
my /etc/defaults/pccard.conf:

# D Link DWL-650 11Mbps WLAN Card
card "D" "Link DWL-650 11Mbps WLAN Card"
        config  auto "wi" ?
        insert  /etc/pccard_ether $device start
        remove  /etc/pccard_ether $device stop

It is missing the AG, but so close I was hoping to get it going. I have
pccard_enable="YES" in my rc.conf and see the following in dmesg
whenever I plug in the card:

cardbus1: <network, ethernet> at device 0.0 (no driver attached)

I guess this means this card will not work? If so, anyone suggest a way
to get it working? I ask this because I found the following post that
sounds like someone did have theirs working, but I do not see an ath0:



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