SQUID + antivirus content filter

Mathieu CHATEAU gollum123 at free.fr
Sun Nov 20 12:16:36 GMT 2005

Hello Steve,

they stopped squidguard to make dansguardian (a not free one).

You can still find active blacklist (sex, drugs, ...) for squidguard.

here is viralator : http://viralator.sourceforge.net/
it works with squid & squidguard

antivirus supported:
Sophos Sweep 
Bit Defender (free edition)


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>> Subject: SQUID + antivirus content filter
>> Hello *,
>> I would like to secure network against "themselves" with 
>> proxy and antivirus solution.
>> My prerequisities are:
>> What software would you recommend for such things ? ( I 
>> unsuccesfully tried Viralator in combination with SquidGuard. 
>> ) There are other projects like Dansguardian or squid-vscan 
>> (which is neccessary to patch squid sources and this is the 
>> last step on my production server ).
>> Do you know some good howto, solution ?

SB> Along with SquidGuard, I've found Dansguardian to be more feature-rich,
SB> faster, and the new version has the ability (apparently) to plug-in an
SB> anti-virus app.

SB> Note I have not tried said version though:

SB> http://dansguardian.org

SB> It may/may not be free though:

SB> DansGuardian 2 is:

SB>     * free for non-commercial use
SB>     * not free for installation by 3rd parties charging for installation
SB> or support
SB>     * not free for commercial use
SB>     * licensed under the GPL
SB>     * copyright Daniel Barron
SB>     * is a registered trade mark of Daniel Barron 

SB> ...but well worth paying for anyway if need be.

SB> Steve

>> Thank you,
>> Vladimir
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Best regards,
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