portssystem stale dependencies

Danny Pansters danny at ricin.com
Sun Nov 20 02:32:40 GMT 2005

On Saturday 19 November 2005 10:37, Philip Lykke Carlsen wrote:
> .. does anyone know why the problem of stale dependencies in the package
> system occurs?.. it's just.. the system won't let you install any given
> port/package without having met all the dependencies.. just how does it
> _forget_ that it just installed some package?..

It doesn't forget but it does submit. These are tools that come with 
portupgrade. During pkgdb -F you can always delete (CTRL+D) any dependency 
you don't like. Just force it if you have to. Almost always it comes from 
having a certain combination of ports installed where an actual update by 
version by one port doesn't really matter but the portupgrade system has it 
registered and so thinks it may do so. In other cases it just may or may not 
matter but usually you're running a portupgrade -a anyway so it'll be settled 
when done. In other cases if something's left behind or broken or so, 
deleting the dependency (and perhaps it's picked pu again later at your 
portupgrading) will be fine also.

Just delete the pkgdb -F problem deps :)


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