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On Nov 19, 2005, at 6:25 PM, Jerry McAllister wrote:

>> On Nov 19, 2005, at 1:03 PM, Kiffin Gish wrote:
>>> And which one do you recommend?
>>> I have two mini-towers, one an old dell dimension 650R 200W and
>>> another
>>> clone anthlon-xp 300W.
>>> Do I need two UPS or can I get one which can service these two
>>> machines?
>> In your case I would get two so that each machine can be signaled to
>> separately and if it is a two way street reply separately.  I have
>> never used the UPS daemons so don't know how they work but I doubt
>> they are made to work with multiples on the UPS.
> You can get multiple interfaces on the UPS that will talk to more
> than one machine to tell it when to do a shutdown.   For some models,
> there is a card, sort of like one that has some number of serial ports
> depending on how many you want and are willing to pay for - it doesn't
> add a lot.   This is true, anyway, for the APC UPS units we have.
> ////jerry

Cool!  I learn something new every day.  I do expect such high end  
ones as the ones described here to cost a pretty penny?  The colocate  
facility where my rack is has a building wide industrial UPS system  
of a gazillion VA so I have not looked in to these since I bought a  
bunch of TrippLite 1100VA ones for my systems about 7 years ago...


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