Mach kernel and Unix over 68k : well before OS X (Was: Status of 6.0 for production systems)

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Additionally, Apple had AU/X running on Macs before even machten.   


On Nov 19, 2005, at 11:29 AM, Gilbert Fernandes wrote:

>> Consider that when MacOS moved to UNIX that all the UNIX software
>> vendors could now easily port their applications to Macintosh.
> Excuse me, sir.
> Your discussion is pretty impressive and I have been reading it
> with care. Honestly, I am far from having a distant enough picture
> of the whole say to comment about what the discussion is about
> (and to be honest, I am not even sure I do know exactly what
> the point of the discussion is - please forgive me).
> But "Unix" has been available for MacOS users for a long time,
> far before MacOS X went out and using a Mach kernel.
> It has been since 1996, over a Mach kernel.
> Years ago, I worked for the crypto military branch of my country. We
> used Unix-based programs for some of our work.
> I had a Powerbook 190 and I needed Unix over it. After some time
> thinking it was not possible, I have found that MachTen did sold a  
> Unix
> for x86 that worked upon a Mach kernel. You installed it on your MacOS
> and launched it from there. And you then had Unix running there,  
> over a
> Mach kernel, with X too. You had both at the same time, running  
> friendly
> together on screen and inter-operable.
> Vendors did not wait for Apple to let them run Unix software by using
> MacOS X. Before MacOS X got out, you could already run a Mach kernel
> over your Mac and compile almost anything there (anyway, all crypto
> programs I ever needed compiled there - it took a few monthes). I used
> it over MacOS 7.5.2 then 7.5.3 and 8.1 but I came back to 7.5.3 later.
> Motorola-based Powerbook with Mach kernel, happily compiling and  
> running
> Unix programs with a perfect X working.
> I still got the product box and everything in mint condition :
> The first MacOS X release went out in January 1999 (and the first  
> public
> beta a year after, 2000 - I bought it from the Paris Apple Expo).
> I hope you will both find this information interesting. Most people I
> talk about MachTen product and running Mach kernel and Unix over my  
> old
> Motorola-based 68k get pretty surprised about it.
> Now I got to start to read all this thread all again, so please excuse
> me. Looks like I'm going to need.. some time :o)
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