dds drive support?

Bob Ababurko ababurko at
Sat Nov 19 15:22:34 GMT 2005

I am trying to figure out whether or not I can run a Seagate dds-4 
STD2401LW tape drive under freebsd...say 6.0.  Or any version for that 
matter.  I am really not sure how to go about trying to see if a piece 
of hardware unless it is a NIC or a SCSI/RAID/SATA controller that is 
explicitly listed in the hardware notes for each version will work.  I 
am pretty sure that I am not suppose to assume that it will not work if 
it is not listed I?  Does this drive fall under the 'sa' 
(sequential access) driver that is loaded automatically?

I am currently trying to find a tape drive to do db backups on, so I do 
not have the hardware yet to test this.  So, I hope that there is a way 
to determine that this will work or not other than actually installing it.

More information is located here about that drive:

If this drive does not work under FreeBSD, what are some drives that are 


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