Dell Remote Access Card - Sysinstall

Grant Peel gpeel at
Sat Nov 19 09:49:28 GMT 2005

Hi all,

I have read some recent posts regarding DRAC and Keyboard (local and remote) 
and understand that only 1 console can be defined at a time, and I am OK 
with that as I am remote 99.73 % of the time anyways.

I have recently purchased 2 more DRAC cards and a new server, a power edge 
1850 with a integrated DRAC card and was shocked at something.

The remote keyboard becomes non functional when using sysinstall. DRAC and 
remote work fine through the BIOS steps, and at the FreeBSD boot loaded, but 
IF sysinstall is initiated, or, if loading the OS for the first time, (i.e. 
booting to CD), it seems that remote keyboard stops...then one has to plug a 
keyboard directly into the server.

That paritaly defeats the reason I baught the DRAC cards. THe plan was to 
burn FreeBSD an leave them in the (server's) CD ROM, then, in case of 
disaster, I could reload the OS start to finish remotely.

Has anyone seen this problem, and/or know a fix ?


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