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Steve Bertrand iaccounts at
Fri Nov 18 22:44:42 GMT 2005

>> - you are NOT trying to get the second PC on the Internet
> No, I'm not. The agreement with my ISP doesn't allow to connect more
> than one computer to the WAN.

LOL ;) I won't condone going against their rules, but that is what NAT
is for...

> Part of my network's configuration is not in /etc/rc.conf . I have
> there only ifconfig_rl0="DHCP" to connect to the Internet. I used
> these commands to configure the LAN:
> #ifconfig rl0 alias

How about:

# ifconfig rl0 alias

I can't remember if /24 will work, if it doesn't:

# ifconfig rl0 alias

> On the second PC:
> #ifconfig fxp0


# ifconfig fxp0

...should get you at minimum to see each other.

ie: from 2nd pc:

# ping about that 2 pc's on the Internet thing. I think *almost* all
ISP's who offer highspeed say that.


> It's based on this, what is in the Handbook about IPv4 networks.
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