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Karol Kwiatkowski freebsd at
Fri Nov 18 12:32:59 GMT 2005

eoghan wrote:
> Hello
> Ive tried a few time without success to install openoffice (from pkg and
> port)... Problem is, when its building it writes lots of stuff to var/
> which isnt huge on my system... usually around about 250MB free. It
> quickly fills this, then cant write to it anymore and eventually fails.
> So, is there any way to tell it to write to somewhere I have lots of
> space, or will this just cause other problems using it?

I guess what you're looking for is -t option for pkg_add(1):

>      -t template
>              Use template as the input to mktemp(3) when creating a ``staging
>              area''.  By default, this is the string /var/tmp/instmp.XXXXXX,
>              but it may be necessary to override it in the situation where
>              space in your /var/tmp directory is limited.  Be sure to leave
>              some number of `X' characters for mktemp(3) to fill in with a
>              unique ID.
>              You can get a performance boost by setting the staging area
>              template to reside on the same disk partition as target directo-
>              ries for package file installation; often this is /usr.

FYI, I'm installing OOo 2.0 from a package right now and pkg_add
requested about 380MB of temporary space.



> Thanks
> Eoghan

Karol Kwiatkowski  <freebsd at orchid dot homeunix dot org>

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