rdist6 now defaults to using SSH on FreeBSd 6.0?

NMH drumslayer2 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 17 23:39:33 GMT 2005

I just built a few systems that I could have swore I
used rdist6 on which worked just fine. But now after
building a few more when I try commands like  rdist6
-c file machinename:  It tries to use ssh which it
can't do as root.

Remote Command = 'rdistd -S'
Remote Shell = command = '/usr/bin/ssh'

 Did I do something wrong or did rdist6/rdistd change?

 I use (yes yes I know) rdist6 to transfer files a lot
and I really need to be able to use it as root. (I
have modified pamd.d/rsh to allow_root)



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