Windows Compatibility?

Eric Schuele e.schuele at
Thu Nov 17 20:45:43 GMT 2005

Cornelis Swanepoel wrote:
>  Most of my programs run in Windows. Can I use FreeBSD as my OS to run my
> That depends entirely on what the programs are that you're actually running,
> if it's a web browser, an email client and an Office productivity suite
> you'll be able to find the equivalent(actually better) of the microsoft
> offerings on FreeBSD.

True enough.  *Most* things have equivalents in the *BSD world.

However, if you have some special needs there are windows and/or PC 
emulators.  WINE and qemu are the two I hear about most.  I have used 
qemu very successfully to run the one MS app I can not get rid of 
CheckPoint SecuRemote for VPN connectivity to my office.

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