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Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at be-well.ilk.org
Thu Nov 17 13:55:22 GMT 2005

Ian Lord <lordi at msdi.ca> writes:

> I am trying to setup pdflib on a freebsd server running 2x Xeon processors.
> The kernel is compiled using AMD64 version of freebsd6.
> I downloaded the binairies for freebsd 5.x for the IA32 architecture.
> I've copied the
> /usr/local/PDFlib-6.0.2-FreeBSD5/bind/php5/php-503/libpdf_php.so into
> /usr/local/lib/php/20041030 since this is the directory used into my
> extension_dir attribute in my php.ini
> When I reload apache, I get an error in my php error log saying:
> [16-Nov-2005 01:45:05] PHP Warning:  PHP Startup: Unable to load
> dynamic library '/usr/local/lib/php/20041030/libpdf_php.so' - /usr/
> local/lib/php/20041030/libpdf_php.so: unsupported file layout in
> Unknown on line 0
> Does that has anything to do with the fact I compiled using my kernel
> using AMD64 or does it have something to do with the fact I am running
> freebsd 5.x binairies on a 6.x version ?
>  From my understanding, the problem is related to the fact that the
> binairy was compiled for freebsd 5 on an intel IA32 architecture and
> that I am running freebsd 6 with AMD64.
> Since I compiled my kernel with
> options         COMPAT_IA32             # Compatible with i386 binaries
> options         COMPAT_FREEBSD5         # Compatible with FreeBSD5
> Shouldn't it be working ? or do I need to do antything special to
> "activate" these functions

The compat options will let you run old binaries, but they won't let
you link amd64 binaries to i386 libraries.  Just install native pdflib
libraries and you will be fine.

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