Status of 6.0 for production systems

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Thu Nov 17 12:36:31 GMT 2005

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>On 11/15/05 12:23 Ted Mittelstaedt said the following:
>> Hmm - let's see now, where does this extra "wasted" power go?  It
>> is turned into heat.  Which heats your house.  Which means you do
>> not have to run the furnace so much, thus saving energy there.
>that's a very geocentric view. for most of us who live in the 
>tropics or on 
>the equator where the ambient temperature is 31degC, the wasted 
>power is 
>really wasted twice: once from the PC, and once more thru higher 
>airconditioning/cooling devices.

In the tropics you are flooded with free energy streaming down
on you all day long and your complaining?!?!?  Please, search
Google for the term "photovoltaic" and be enlightened.


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