Need urgent help regarding security

Steve Bertrand iaccounts at
Thu Nov 17 03:16:50 GMT 2005

> Now what I want to do is to just reinstall the whole 
> operating system and secure it as possible as I can. Like 
> someone told, its just a waste to try to track it down 
> because the intruder might be located somewhere on the other 
> side of the world.

They are always on the other side of the world...this is the Internet.

If that is your solution, I would recommend reconfiguring your FTP
servers DNS entries, and applying another IP to the box,lest you be
affected again. However, that won't even fix it, becuase it will just be
found again by someone else.

Unplugging the box just informs the attacker that you are aware of them.
Moving the IP just makes people re-locate you. The solution is make the
box accessible to only those who need it...and only the services they

.02 Steve

> To others who replied... I will just answer you all one by one...
> Thanks again.
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