Installation of Freebsd on external hard drive

Marco Calviani marco.calviani at
Wed Nov 16 21:40:54 GMT 2005

Hi Eric and list,
unfortunately my BIOS (of a Travelmate 8005) does not support boot from USB
I'll search for some other information that comes from multi-os users.

Thanks again,

> I've installed it on USB keys and external USB drives with no problem.
> Since I was only using those for experimentation, I never modified my
> boot loader. My BIOS provides a boot menu for selecting the boot
> device, of which "external USB device" is an option. I found this
> cleaner, since when not using those devices I do not have to go through
> the FreeBSD boot menu.
> Hints?
> For my situation... I booted from the CD. When asked to slice and
> partition my disk... I chose the external USB device. I selected the
> 'standard boot loader'. Then the rest of the magic is handled by my BIOS.
> Don't know if that helps you much.
> --
> Regards,
> Eric
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