problem with linuxpluginwrapper

myfreebsd at myfreebsd at
Wed Nov 16 14:32:08 GMT 2005

>I have just installed Gnome 2.12 on 6.0stable, and then >installed
>linuxpluginwrapper from the port.  After installation I >copied
>libmap.conf-FreeBSD6 to /etc/libmap.conf.  However, when I >start Mozilla
>and goto the plugins page, there is nothing installed.  Any >help to fix
>this is appreciated.


I had the same problem with Firefox. No plugins installed in about:plugins. When I went to /usr/X11R6/lib/browser_plugins I notice that with 6.0, linuxpluginwrapper doesn't add the links to the .so/.xpt plugins there. After adding them manually, Firefox recognized the plugins. I am not sure if this is the same for Mozilla (I actually have never used Mozilla standard) but I don't see why it would be different (Made by the same people). If you need help finding the location of the plugins, I can give them to you later (@ M$ machine @ work) when I get home. 

Also, linuxpluginwrapper now only installs linux-flashplugin I believe. At least I had to install acroread seperately. I haven't tried to install realplayer as it sucks and never seems to work in Firefox. JDK 1.4 should install a plugin in /usr/X11R6/lib/browser_plugin when you build it. If you need directions to do this as it is not as simple as 'make install clean' here is a link:

If you install acroread and have difficulty getting it to work, read through this thread:

Last, Mozilla may have a different plugin dir it checks instead of /usr/X11R6/lib/browser_plugins. If so, add a link to the plugins there.


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