gmirror, gvinum or ccd to mirror root-filesystem under 6.0R

Reinhard tequnix at
Wed Nov 16 13:45:59 GMT 2005

hi list

currently i use gvinum under 5.4-R to mirror (raid-1) my
root-file-system. works nice but was a little bit
complicate/nasty to setup (basically it was the procedure as described
on )

i plan to install 6.0-R in near future and ask myself if i should use
gmirror, ccd or gvinum (again) for software-raid for mirroring the root
file-system, as to:
- reliability, stability issues
- performance issues
- minimum installation/configuration effort 
- advantages / disadvantages of gmirror vs. ccd vs. gvinum

what are the experiences here ?

thanks for answers,

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