ral(4) not working on 6.0

Peter N. M. Hansteen peter at bgnett.no
Wed Nov 16 07:43:15 GMT 2005

robert wilson <hotaru at SAFe-mail.net> writes:

> i installed 6.0 on my laptop and everything seems to work great except
> for the wireless adapter...
> when i do "ifconfig ral0" it says "status: no carrier"...

assuming you have a wireless access point within range, configuring
wireless interfaces usually takes a few more parameters such as channel,
network name and so forth. 

in a network I visit frequently, it takes two ifconfig commands (my ath0
would be ral0 in your case):

# ifconfig ath0 media autoselect nwid kakemonster nwkey 0x1deadbeef5

after up to a couple of seconds of blinkenlights 'ifconfig ath0'
showa "status: associated", and finally

# dhclient ath0

should get you an IP address, again assuming a DHCP server is within reach. 

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