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Wed Nov 16 05:38:01 GMT 2005

On Tue, Nov 15, 2005 at 09:13:54PM -0700, Chad Leigh -- Shire.Net LLC wrote:
> Ted
> It would be nice if you could at least get your "facts" straight


> There is no software obsolescence issue.  Besides making it quite  
> easy to port software to OS X Intel for most people, since the  
> underlying OS and libraries is the same, Apple has invested a ton of  
> money into the Rosetta technology which allows PPC software to  
> continue to run on the Intel boxes.  And they are also still  
> introducing PPC machines for a while and will continue to support PPC  
> machines for several years so as to avoid the problem.
> >Once again typical Apple apologizing.  When Apple dumped MacOS
> >Classic in favor of MacOS X, all the Apple proponents who for years
> >were saying that MacOS was the best OS in existence, didn't let the
> >door hit them on the ass on the way out of the mac Classic room.

Before it MacOS X, MacOS 9 was not known as Classic. Classic is MacOS 9
being hosted *under* MacOS X. Contrary to Ted's revisionist view of
Macintosh history, Mac users were pushed to X kicking and screaming in
protest. Much the same as when DOS users were forced to use

> ?????  classic MacOS  (OS 9) was good for the market it was competing  
> in but could not last forever.  Apple has the Classic compatibility  
> in OS X and for a few years after OS X was introduced continued to  
> introduce new machines that support OS 9 natively.  I can still run  
> lots of my System 7 apps on my G5 under Classic today...  no software  
> obsolescence and nothing to worry about hitting me in the ass.

I have an Introl C-11 compiler from 1991 for the 68hc11 family which
still runs under my old 68k version of MPW, under Classic, under MacOS
10.4.3. One OS hosted under another and one CPU doing soft
interpretation of 68k binary code. Generating code for yet a 3rd
CPU. And on my lowly 867 MHz Dual G4 its 30x faster than it ever was on
native 68k.

In real world use my 256MB G4-400 MacOS X 10.4.3 Powerbook is faster
than my 512MB 2GHz WinXP Pro box at work. Thats also no small part of
why I keep a 450 MHz PII FreeBSD system at work. There is too much real
work that needs to be done which is easy in Unix but a pain in Windows.
Am not going to waste *my* perfectly good Macintosh at work.

If this is planned obsolescence then I love it!

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