Freebsd and nagios-plugins

Brooke Landers brooke.84 at
Wed Nov 16 04:49:33 GMT 2005

hello.I'm having problems finding the nagios plugin check_hpjd. A person of 
the nagios mailing list told me that it might not be inculded because it 
needs net-snmp.

| check_hpjd:
|         - Requires the NET-SNMP package available from
|          The snmpget binary is all that is required.
| I'm not sure if your package maintainer choose not to include it as a
| result.

can anyone verify this for me and explain how i can install this from ports? 
I realize that i can downbload the source from cvs but i guess there is some 
knowlegde i am missing since i am new to the ports system. i have searched 
the web but can not find a thing. i am running freebsd6 and have installed 
net-snmp and nagios-plugins ports.
thankyou for any help. Brooke

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