Status of 6.0 for production systems

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>On Nov 14, 2005, at 9:23 PM, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
>>> A lot of people wondered how Steve Jobs could dare change over to
>>> Intel
>>> chips.
>>> In Steve Jobs keynote speech announcing the big move Intel chips was
>>> just about entirely stated as because of the 'performance per watt
>>> ratio' of Intel CPUs. Check out the picture of the key note speech
>>> and
>>> look at the bottom of the picture with Intel and IBM's PowerPC
>>> processor.
>>> perfperwatt.jpg
>> This is a bunch of whitewashing as anyone in the tech industry knows.
>Wrong.  WHat jobs said was exactly correct
>> Jobs changed over to Intel for two reasons.  First, because Intel gave
>> him a better price on the CPU's.
>This is also a consideration.  Price always is/
>However, the main reason was that the performance they needed at the
>wattage they needed (for laptops) was not on the horizon for PPC.
>The G5 can compete against the Intel desktop offerings but there was
>not a laptop G5 coming any time soon [because of energy dissipation)
>and the G4 for laptops was not cutting it.

Rubbish.  They could simply use Intel for laptops until IBM got it
Or signed a letter of intent which would prod IBM.  There is nothing
in the design of the G5 that makes it so that you cannot make low power
and low heat versions of it.

Other computer manufacturers have no problems using different CPU's in
their products.

>> Second because doing this instantly
>> obsoletes the older power PC macs thus pushing all the Mac users to
>> fork over money for new software and hardware.
>Wrong.  Conspiracy-Ted at it again.

But of course you have no answer to the software obsolescence issue.

Once again typical Apple apologizing.  When Apple dumped MacOS Classic
in favor of MacOS X, all the Apple proponents who for years were saying
that MacOS was the best OS in existence, didn't let the door hit them on
ass on the way out of the mac Classic room.  When Apple dumped Motorola
in favor of IBM all the Apple people who for years had been claiming that
Apples were so much better because they held their value over the years
while PC's didn't, conveniently forgot that now the resale value of the
Mac was zero.

What I think is the biggest joke is that you Apple guys worship the
that Jobs walks on like he's Apple's Savior, Jobs can do no wrong is the
mantra.  Yet to the non Apple-colored-eyglasses computer industry, the
is just as money-grubbing profit-grubbing as any other.  This is a guy
that didn't
even know that FreeBSD was one of the bases of MacOSX and was telling
people it was built on -LINUX- for crying out loud.

Jobs switched CPU's to get a whole lot of you guys to dump you "holds its
resale value" hardware in the ashbin, and run out and give a lot of money
Apple for the latest and greatest Intel gear, as well as help out all the
ISV's writing software for MacOS X by giving them a reason to prod all of
into buying software upgrades.  And you can't get enough of it!  Simply
Apple is working exactly like Microsoft these days yet you all think it's
still better!

I guess one of these days when General Motors finally gets stick of
propping up
Saturn (Saturn has never turned a profit since it was founded) all the
owners who think they are 'different kinna car people' will be saying
Chevrolet is a 'different kinna car'   Cast from the same mold you all


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