Printer prints garbage

James Bailie jimmy at
Tue Nov 15 16:33:56 GMT 2005

Ron wrote:

 > On restart of the printer, FreeBSD will send it printing
 > information, but it should *not* do this, since the printer is
 > out of sync with FreeBSD. The result is garbage pages.

This is perfectly reasonable behavior.  The print daemon does not
know you are trying to stop it from printing.  It simply stalls
the print job when the printer stops responding, and then resumes
it when the printer is available again.  If you wish to stop a
print job, use "lpq" to determine the job number and then feed
that to "lprm" to dequeue the job.  Then you reset the printer to
clear out its own buffer.  There is certainly a better way to do
this than to yank the plug out of the wall.  One usually presses
a button to reset a printer.

James Bailie <jimmy at>

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