upgrade to 6.0 question

Osmany Guirola cruz osmany.guirola at cigb.edu.cu
Tue Nov 15 14:49:56 GMT 2005

Hi i do a upgrade to 6.0 STABLE without problems but checking the /lib
folder i found this.

libalias.so.4      libcam.so.3        libipsec.so.1      libncurses.so.6
libalias.so.5      libcrypt.so.2      libipsec.so.2
libatm.so.2        libcrypt.so.3      libipx.so.2
libatm.so.3        libcrypto.so.3     libipx.so.3        libsbuf.so.2
libbegemot.so.1    libcrypto.so.4     libkiconv.so.1     libsbuf.so.3
libbegemot.so.2    libdevstat.so.4    libkiconv.so.2     libufs.so.2
libbsdxml.so.1     libdevstat.so.5    libkvm.so.2        libufs.so.3
libbsdxml.so.2     libedit.so.4       libkvm.so.3        libutil.so.4
libbsnmp.so.2      libedit.so.5       libm.so.3          libutil.so.5
libbsnmp.so.3      libgeom.so.2       libm.so.4          libz.so.2
libc.so.5          libgeom.so.3       libmd.so.2         libz.so.3
libc.so.6          libgpib.so.0       libmd.so.3
libcam.so.2        libgpib.so.1       libncurses.so.5

i have two versions of the same libraries , i think that the upgrade
procces deleted allthe obsoleted libraries but not in my case :-(
what can i do..

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