Efren Bravo efrenba at yahoo.es
Tue Nov 15 14:18:06 GMT 2005


>I believe the OP is trying to essentially set up
a small 
>ISP, or an
>access server to the Internet.

Only an access server to the internet, I want to
do it to connect myself from home (winXP pc).

I've made tests but winXP raises this message:   
"error 737: loopback was detected on dialin" and
there I'm stopped.

>OP:, how many clients do you plan on having
access this 
>system? How many
>modems do you expect to need?

Just 2 clients, my boss and me.

>Old (but reliable) analog RAS devices are
>inexpensive to
>purchase on eBay. Unless you are going all out,
analog RAS 
>is what you likely want.

>These devices then pass their RADIUS requests to

>pre-configured RADIUS
>servers, in which mine all run FreeBSD,
FreeRADIUS and 

Efren Bravo.

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