Inconsistency Running IPF Against FTPs

Robert H. Perry rperry at
Tue Nov 15 05:21:31 GMT 2005

I'm running FreeBSD RELEASE 5.4 and recently installed IPF Firewall.  I 
rarely download files using FTP but have little choice using 
portupgrade.  Now, during an upgrade, I often see the error message, "No 
route to host..." while connecting with an FTP site.  If I disable the 
IPF/IPNAT rules the problem no longer exists.

I've followed installation instructions in the Handbook paying 
particular attention to the section on IPNAT rules.  (I do not claim to 
entirely understand what I read however.)  My immediate question however 
is how current are the instructions?  There is a caveat immediately 
following the IPF Firewall Section title: "This section is work in 
progress. The contents might not be accurate at all times."  If it is 
accurate and should resolve my FTP problems, I'll simply re-read it 
until I get it right.

Any other hints are also appreciated.

Bob Perry

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