Olivier Nicole on at cs.ait.ac.th
Tue Nov 15 03:15:49 GMT 2005

> Can freeBSD be used as RAS server for windows
> boxes?  

Yes I used to do that, having pluged in an interface card with 2
serial ports (for a total of 4 ports and 4 modems)

The thing was to configure PPP to use Chap authentication (but you
need to keep clear text password on your RAS machine).

It worked OK, even if from time to time the connection was not
released properly, making a port unavailable.

That's a poorman solution anyway, as you cannot expect faster access
than 33kbps.

I cannot give much more details than that as I replaced that machine
with a real RAS a couple of years back, that real RAS being an embeded
machine running... FreeBSD (version 1.something!)

So RAS and FreeBSD? Definitely yes :))


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