How can I install xorg-clients?

Mike Hernandez sequethin at
Tue Nov 15 00:16:36 GMT 2005

On  Mon, Nov 14, 2005 at 05:20:01PM -0500, bob self wrote:
> Yes, I have the nvidia driver installed. I used pkg_delete to remove 
> nvidia-driver. I already had the latest xterm installed.
> I was now able to install xorg-clients. Finally, I re-installed 
> nvidia-driver and now everything is back to normal.

I didn't realize there was a port for the driver ;) I installed with
the tar.gz I found on (Where I used to get my linux driver)

What I had to do in order to achieve the effect above is install the
driver from the port and then deinstall it and then reinstall
xorg-clients and then reinstall the nvidia driver. I suppose I could
have just removed the offending files, but this seemed to me to be
the best way to go. And it worked, which is what matters most to me ;)

Just a note in case someone else is following or found this thread in
the archives... I did all my b0rking remotely, and after removing
xorg-clients and not being able to reinstall it (until coming home
and reading my mail) I had my kdm screen still there waiting for me.
I tried to log in and it told me that iceauth was missing. Yes,
iceauth is part of the xorg-clients port. What I did was cd into the
iceauth dir of the port (something like work/programs/iceauth) and
ran make install from there. This allowed me to log in to kde once
again. Does it make sense to mess about with x11 ports from a running
x session? probably not. But it was comforting to work from an Eterm,
especially after wondering all day whether or not I did serious
damage to my brand new install ;)


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