Makefile and Kernel Optimizations in 6.0

Chris chris at
Mon Nov 14 23:39:23 GMT 2005

Kris Kennaway wrote:
> P.S. -funroll-loops and -ffast-math are commonly used by people who
> don't understand what they mean but like the thrill it gives them to
> compile their application with secret optimizations (e.g. the word
> "fast" makes them feel excited).  However, the former is often not
> actually an optimization (which is why it's not on by default), and
> the latter can cause incorrect computations (but I think it's
> completely irrelevant in the kernel which does not do FP math).

Just out of curiosity, what would people who know what they are doing 
use them for? -funroll-loops sounds like an amusement park :P


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