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Mon Nov 14 21:30:14 GMT 2005

On Mon, Nov 14, 2005 at 12:28:09PM -0800, tim cle wrote:
> --- stan <stanb at> wrote:
> > I'm trying to recover a machine whose disk failed. I
> > ook the new disk
> > hooked it up to another working FreeBSD machine, and
> > used /stand/sysinstall
> > to partiton the new disk. Then i mounted the various
> > partiton and recovered
> > all the disks data using Amanda. 
> > 
> > I'm failry certain I've done this with succes in the
> > past, but this time
> > it's not working.
> > 
> > When I put the drive in the PC it's intended to be
> > for, as the aster
> > dirive, it boots up to the second interactive point
> > (the place where it
> > tells you you have n seconds to hit any key, and
> > counts down), however it
> > goes no further than that,  At tht point , I havean
> > "ok" prompt, and an
> > lsdev shos whe drive as drive 1.
> > 
> > What do I need to do to get this drive booting?
> > 
> Hello,
> Before you do anything, you should first back up all
> the data from the disk that failed onto a new disk,
> given that the disk has already failed, there is the
> very real possibility that it will fail again, soon.

Umm, did I not make it plain that this was a _new_ disk, with all ata
restired from (Amanda) backup?

> Put simply, the loader is not executing the kernel.
> There are a number of possible reasons for this: 1 -
> the loader is not able to work out what disk to
> attempt the boot process on, 2 - the loader has found
> a disk, but cannot find the kernel, 3 - the loader has
> found the kernel but is unable to load it.

The loader was running. Turns out that I creaed teh replacement disk on a
version 5 system, and the old machine (thus the resored data) was from  V5
system, Thus I had a V5 loader trying to access FFS filessytems that were
formated by a V5 system. THIS DOES NOT WORK. Is this documented somewhere?

> You said lsdev can find disk1, so I suspect that it
> cannot find the kernel. The kernel is a file on the
> file system. Given that you said the disk failed, then
> i would suspect that an fsck is required on the root
> file system (after you have backup of all data you
> want to protect).
> After you have done the fsck, you might want to also
> go into the /boot directory and make sure the file
> "kernel" still actually exists.

In vereion 4 the kerenl is in the / directory, not /boot.

Thanks for the help.

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