xterm conflicts with xorg-clients

Mike Hernandez sequethin at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 18:07:43 GMT 2005

On  Mon, Nov 14, 2005 at 05:59:40PM +0000, Alex Zbyslaw wrote:
> I don't think so.  Keep track of which ports you deleted the 
> dependencies from, then when you have the whole xorg-clients/xterm mess 
> sorted out, just force a re-install of those packages and the right 
> dependencies will come back.  Time consuming, but not rocket science ;-)
> I had to do something like that when interrupting gnome_upgrade early 
> seems to bugger everything a treat, but I got everything back OK (I think!).

Great ;) I'm still working on my first year with freebsd so this a great
learning experience. Without getting too far OT, is there a quick
explanation as to why xterm is a separate port? Does it take up so much
space that it would "bloat" a standard Xorg/Xfree install?


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