How to redirect mail sent to root to external mailbox?

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Mark J. Sommer wrote:
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>>Mark J. Sommer wrote:
>>>This is really a sendmail question I believe.  Your problem is 
>>>probably because root doesn't get masqueraded.  In your 
>>>is there a line like the following:
>>>If so, comment it out and restart sendmail.
>>That will work but the config will get overwritten on 
>>upgrades. It is best to override the defaults via the mc 
>>config generator, so that "CE root" doesn't appear in the first place.
> Yeah, I looked all over /usr/share/sendmail to find that config, but I
> couldn't.  When I resolved this, I think I modified the template that the
> macros start from to avoid having it re-written.  I'd appreciate it if
> anyone can pass on what macro it is that controls this.

A glance at the bat book tells me the exception (no masquerading) is 
  inserted by


Doh! I see it now. FreeBSD doesn't do it this way (so no "CE root").

For FreeBSD, non-masquerading for root is simply set by an entry in 
/etc/mail/exposed-user-names, which is brought in by the 
EXPOSED_USER_FILE directive in the default mc file. Edit 
exposed-user-names to your heart's content (and pay attention in 
case mergemaster throws it back at you during upgrades), and all 
should be well.

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