ftpd security/configuration question

Robert Shepard rshprd at comcast.net
Mon Nov 14 16:18:52 GMT 2005


Probably a stupid question, but this has bugged me for a while and for 
reasons unknown, I just cannot seem to figure this out.

I wish to operate my FTP server (ftpd) in the anonymous access mode. 
However, what I desire to do is configure it so that the absolute root 
directory of anonymous users is “/var/ftp/pub”.

In other words, typing “cd ..” will not let anonymous users to see the 
“/var/ftp/bin” or the “/var/ftp/etc” directories (or their files).

I am running FreeBSD 5.3 stable.

I have tried various methods described in some of the other message 
boards, but I believe those were referencing previous releases of FreeBSD.

I also noticed that while the current FTP server is running, I do not 
have a lot of the files the handbook references, other than ftpusers, 
which is located in the /etc directory (note: not in the “/var/ftp/etc” 
directory. Files such as “/etc/ftpchroot”, “/etc/ftpmotd”, and 
“/ftpwelcome” are not present.

I did manually create the ftpwelcome file and placed copies in both the 
“/etc” and “/var/ftp/etc” directories. However, it does not get 
displayed prior to the FTP login prompt as the handbook suggests.

So, two questions:

Is what I am trying to accomplish possible?

What am I missing or need to do to accomplish these things?



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