How to redirect mail sent to root to external mailbox?

Hans Nieser h.nieser at
Mon Nov 14 15:33:16 GMT 2005

Greg Barniskis wrote:

> Mark J. Sommer wrote:
>> This is really a sendmail question I believe.  Your problem is probably
>> because root doesn't get masqueraded.  In your, is there 
>> a line
>> like the following:
>> CEroot
>> or
>> C{E}root
>> If so, comment it out and restart sendmail.
> That will work but the config will get overwritten on upgrades. It is 
> best to override the defaults via the mc config generator, so that "CE 
> root" doesn't appear in the first place.

Thanks to both of you! This appears to be causing my problems. (I
haven't been able to actually test it yet because when I "su -l" to root
and try to use "mail" to send e-mail it seems to use the user I
initially logged in with anyway.)

For the sake of completeness, I found the solution to removing root as
an exposed user at . (It does
require a bit more editing and adjusting of configuration files then I
would like, but it's well-explained and does kinda make sense.)

My apologies for sending this to the wrong list

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