Makefile and Kernel Optimizations in 6.0

Gerard Seibert gerard at
Mon Nov 14 15:24:13 GMT 2005

I am presently running FreeBSD 5.4, but am considering upgrading to
version 6.0 in the near future.

I have read on this forum that the /etc/make.conf file has been moved in
version 6.0. I assume that although it has been moved, that it still
serves the same purpose as it did in the 5.4 version. Is that correct?

I also read somewhere that version 6 has CFLAGS=O2 set by default. Does
it also have COPTFLAGS=-O2 set or does it make any difference?

Finally, I was using something I found in the BSD Hacks book distributed
by O'Reilly. It has a section on Kernel Optimizations and recommends
assigning  this to the kernel immediately after the i386 line.

Makeoptions	COPTFLAGS="O2 - pipe" Actually it goes on to  recommend
'-funroll-loops' and '-ffast-math' as well. Since I do not know what
those two are about, I never used them. In any case, is it recommended
to use any optimization in the kernel in the new 6.0 version?


Gerard Seibert
gerard at

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