bootloader (I think ?) question

stan stanb at
Mon Nov 14 14:10:23 GMT 2005

I'm trying to recover a machine whose disk failed. I ook the new disk
hooked it up to another working FreeBSD machine, and used /stand/sysinstall
to partiton the new disk. Then i mounted the various partiton and recovered
all the disks data using Amanda. 

I'm failry certain I've done this with succes in the past, but this time
it's not working.

When I put the drive in the PC it's intended to be for, as the aster
dirive, it boots up to the second interactive point (the place where it
tells you you have n seconds to hit any key, and counts down), however it
goes no further than that,  At tht point , I havean "ok" prompt, and an
lsdev shos whe drive as drive 1.

What do I need to do to get this drive booting?

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