Fail to install subversion-1.3.0.r2 while compile with WITH_MOD_DAV_SVN=yes

Jason Taylor jason at
Mon Nov 14 04:39:29 GMT 2005

Ma Jie wrote:
> I'm not sure why. But now, I built it without ports. Just entered the
> `work' directory and read the INSTALL file. After compile, I found the
> and in the directory and copied them
> manually into /usr/local/libexec/apache2/. It works now. But I don't
> know how to automatic build it using ports.
> 2005/11/14, Ma Jie <majie.ict at>:
>> Yeah. It is compiled OK with the `-D' before the switch. But another
>> problem is that I cannot find the in ths system after
>> the compling. It is needed to use HTTP protocol in subversion.
>> And, when I install apache2 and subversion (after sucessful comple),
>> it prompted a lot of warnings show that some files are not installed
>> in to /usr/local/lib. Anyone have the same thing? I have tested on
>> FreeBSD 5.4-STABLE and 6.0-STABLE.
>> 2005/11/14, Philip Lykke Carlsen <plcplc at>:
>>> Monday 14 November 2005 02:19 skrev Ma Jie:
>>>> I'm using FreeBSD 6.0-STABLE. It is OK to compile subversion using
>>>> standalone mode. But when I want to use apache2 protocol with
>>>> subversion, a compiling failure occured as below:
>>>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>>> ------------------------------------------- # make WITH_MOD_DAV_SVN=yes
>>>> install
>>>> ===>  Installing for subversion-1.3.0.r2
>>>> ===>   subversion-1.3.0.r2 depends on executable:  - not found
>>>> ===>    Verifying install for  in /usr/ports/www/apache2
>>>> ===>   Returning to build of subversion-1.3.0.r2
>>>> ===>   subversion-1.3.0.r2 depends on shared library: expat.5 - found
>>>> ===>   subversion-1.3.0.r2 depends on shared library: neon.24 - found
>>>> ===>   subversion-1.3.0.r2 depends on shared library: intl - found
>>>> -e -S LIBEXECDIR=/usr/local/libexec/apache2 -a -n dav
>>>> libexec/apache2/
>>>> -e: not found
>>>> *** Error code 127
>>>> Stop in /usr/ports/devel/subversion.
>>> make -DWITH_MOD_DAV_SVN=yes install
>>> in order to set a make-variable from the commandline you have to prepend a -D
>>> to the switch.. that should do the trick
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