FreeBSD 6.0 on Sony Laptop

Derek Tracy tracyde at
Sun Nov 13 13:59:49 GMT 2005

I have finally decided to ditch Gentoo for FreeBSD especially since the new
release is out now, but I have ran into a huge problem.
Upon trying to boot the install CD (I have tried both the bootonly and
official cd1) I get to sysinstall but when I try and partition the disks it
tells me it can not find any of the disks. I have been doing some research
on this and a few people were able to install the 5.4 release (I have not
tried it myself) on this laptop so it only stands to reason that 6.0 should

My Question are there any options that I can give the boot loader
i.emodules, disable something or is there something that I have to
pass via
device.hints (there is very little documentation on device.hints). I really
want to get this computer up and running with FreeBSD.

Derek Tracy
tracyde at

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