In a bit of a bind - DNS problems and ipfw

Aaron Siegel bulk_mail at
Sun Nov 13 06:26:39 GMT 2005


I am having problems with my FreeBSD 5.4 gateway/firewall. When I enable a 
custom  firewall (ipfw) or the "Simple" firewall through rc.firewall my 
clients are unable to resolve DNS when DNS does work with the  "Open" ruleset 
that is provide by rc.firewall.  I create the custom firewall couple years 
ago and they work fine under 4.11 but after the upgrade I have not been able 
to get them to work. 

I sure I am doing something stupid but I am not smart enough to solve it at 
the moment. 

Thank you 
Aaron Siegel

Custom firewall rules
#Allow DNS 
$cmd 019 allow tcp from any to any 53 out via $pif
$cmd 018 allow udp from any to any 53 out via $pif


ifconfig_dc0=""  #public interface  
ifconfig_fxp0=" netmask" #private interface

I have commented out the following lines
 #${fwcmd} add deny all from any to via ${oif}


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