Status of 6.0 for production systems

Peter Clutton peterclutton at
Sat Nov 12 04:27:46 GMT 2005

On 11/11/05, Michael Vince <mv at> wrote:
> Its the same for the Internet if Gates had not put a 'get on the
> Internet now' icon on all those win95 and 98 during the pc boom days to
> trigger peoples interest the Internet it wouldn't be as cheap or as fast
> as it is for end consumers.

That's hilarious really. To mention that the internet was developed
long before this on BSD systems probably isn't necessary. It also
shouldn't be necessary for anyone who has followed the internet to
mention Bill Gates' famous 1994 speech where he said that the internet
was a play thing for researchers and academics and that Windows would
never need to support TCP/IP. Next year (after someone obviously had a
word in his ear) he basically said that Microsoft had just invented
TCP/IP. Maybe this is where your confusion is coming from.

And in the end I doubt that FreeBSD core team will be responsible for
the end of the world lol. It's going a long way past reasonableness,
and to answer it adequately would require a flame. Thus this will be
my last post on this thread.

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