Reading RELENG_6 kernel tunables?

Dev Tugnait dev at
Sat Nov 12 03:15:22 GMT 2005

sysctl -a; man sysctl

On Fri, 2005-11-11 at 18:38 -0600, David Kelly wrote:
> /usr/src/sys/conf/NOTES says:
> # 2.  In /boot/loader.conf, set the tunables kern.maxswzone,
> #     kern.maxbcache, kern.maxtsiz, kern.dfldsiz, kern.maxdsiz,
> #     kern.dflssiz, kern.maxssiz and kern.sgrowsiz.
> Is loader.conf in some sort of different world than sysctl(8)? Shouldn't
> I be able to at least view the current settings using sysctl? I
> understand these are things which may have to be set in stone before the
> kernel starts running proper. Just want to see the current value.
> # sysctl kern.maxssiz
> sysctl: unknown oid 'kern.maxssiz'
> Show how can a view the current setting and confirm my messing with
> loader.conf took hold?

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